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Foreign Investment
why Reason to invest in Saudi Arabia!

Welcome! You have made a great choice. When you look closely at the benefits of the investing in Saudi Arabia, the competitive advantages are immediately obvious. From low taxes, low inflation and the lowest energy costs ,a geographical launch pad to a vast market and custom designed “Turnkey “ solution for your new venture or investments to high growth, high returns and highly educated young work force. Better still, the kingdom is no.1 in the Middle East for ease of doing business (World Bank)

Located at cross roads of global trade and forming a gateway to the world largest energy reserves. Saudi Arabia offers a vast market place. Workers of all kinds’ .which resident and visiting executive enjoying secure and luxuries living arrangements for short term and long term stays.

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is investing tens of billions of dollars into the launch of Economic cities. Public and private Partnership that will create tomorrow’s most attractive investment platforms for foreign companies.

Eastern Kanzi Company is an authorized agency and one of the leading Consultancy and business service providers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and fully owned by Kanz Al-Ebdaa Consulting Center which was established in 2004 and provided services to some of the most prestigious organizations in the kingdom including ministries and government agencies. If you would like to do business in Saudi then please send us your documents below at info@kanzi-e.com to see your eligibilities to do long term business in Saudi Arabia.

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Web Development and Hosting:
Eastern Kanzi is an innovative and experienced web designing and Hosting company that offers a variety of web solutions for every kind of business. Eastern Kanzi has planned, created and launched hundreds of successful websites...
Current Projects:
Design System costs associated with the financial system and administrative system for a Safa factory...

Develop a system of cash flow for the company Al-ziziyah schools....
News & Events:
All the latest E-Kanzi information and events, including press releases, analyst reports, and news items.

Dated: April 30, 2010
E-Kanzi Announces a Global Product Research and Development Relationship with Asian Countries...
SAP Services:
Eastern kanzi specializes in the implementation of SAP and SAP related products including E-commerce.

Please click the PDF to know more about the SAP Services.
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