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Kanz Al-Ebdaa Management Consultation & Development
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Eastern Kanzi General Services
Eastern Kanzi is one of the leading consultancy and business service providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. kanzi is fully owned by Kanz Al-Ebdaa Consulting Center which was established in 2004 and provided services to some of the most prestigious organizations in the Kingdom including ministries and government agencies.

Our philosophy is based upon professionalism, dedication, and integrity. We strongly believe in using our insight and innovative solutions to help our clients achieve success in their most critical missions. This dedication to adding value to our clients is what earned us the reputation of delivering exceptional results with speed, precision, and certainty.
The following is a short list of some of our many clients who have enjoyed the exceptional services provided by our firm:
Business Consulting Services
IT Consulting Services
Personal Services
Corporate Services
General Services
Web Development
Web Hosting
Design System costs associated with the financial system and administrative system for a Safa factory...

Develop a system of cash flow for the company Al-ziziyah schools....
Eastern kanzi specializes in the implementation of SAP and SAP related products including E-commerce.
Please click the PDF to know more about the SAP Services.
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Dated: April 30, 2010
E-Kanzi Announces a Global Product Research and Development Relationship with Asian Countries...
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